Hurricane Michael victims in need of food and water


BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — It’s been a little over a week since Hurricane Michael brought devastation to the Florida panhandle.

Those who have visited the Florida panhandle since the hurricane said the devastation is unimaginable.

“I think I was in shock and it didn’t seem real,” said Amanda Dockery, who lives in Hoover but has a beach house in Mexico Beach.

Efforts are going in to help these people pick up their lives, but right now the basic necessities are more needed like food and water.

“There’s no grocery store, no gas station, no food at all whatsoever except what was being provided from the first responders from there own personal supply,” said Dockery. 

CBS 42 had a team go down to Panama City. 

“I think you have to drive 60 miles before you see power, places actually open for business,” said Marcus Stroud, the operations manager for CBS 42 News. 

Dockery said she went with her family to check on their beach house in Mexico beach. She said the only thing left of their home was the concrete foundation and the pool, but the she said it was the people who really left a mark. 

“As we were driving through the city, there was a couple that stopped and asked us if we had some ice or drinks. They were very appreciative for those items and reluctant to even take them,” said Dockery. 

Alabama Power arrived in Panama City on Wednesday. 

“It’s almost every pole that needs some attention. That’s what going to heart. The linemen enjoy getting the lights on and when they see the lights on and hear claps in the houses of people that are in there. That’s why they do it,” said Paul Cagle with Alabama Power.

“Each day is a little better. Wednesday you couldn’t get gas, water or anything within a 12 mile radius in and around panama city. There is a still a lot of need for people down here,” said Cagle. 

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