PINSON, Ala. (WIAT) — A charismatic and caring teammate, student and son. Just a few words to describe 17-year-old basketball star Caleb White.

His personality and sense of humor are two characteristics about him that many spoke about at Monday evenings prayer vigil in honor of him.

“Caleb was a great player but he was also a great person. You don’t garner this amount of support just because you’re a good athlete,” said Charlette White, Caleb White’s mother said.

Charlette was joined along with Caleb’s brother Cameron and dad Curtis. During Monday evenings vigil they were showered with love as hundreds were in attendance.

Words of encouragement were given to his family by school faculty, Caleb’s coaches, friends and teammates.

Pinson Valley High’s football field was filled with teary eyes as everyone took the time to remember Caleb and dwell on their relationship.

“Last year was my first time being his teammate, but we knew each other on and off the court before like about 5 years now, so it was a pleasure being his teammate for the first time,” said Amarion Bowens.

As everyone lit their candles and released a balloon, the impact of him no longer physically with them was palpable but the positive impact he had on others undeniable.

“No one lives such a great life and impacts so many people without a purpose. So, he fulfilled his purpose,” said Curtis White, Caleb’s dad.

“We miss him. We miss him bad. We miss him dearly.” said White.

Caleb’s brother, Cameron, said Caleb had plans to go to college and continue his basketball career. Caleb already received several college offers.

Caleb’s teammates said they plan to dedicate this upcoming basketball season to him.