BIRMINGHAM Ala. (WIAT) – New Mount Moriah Baptist Church burst into flames, causing the mass destruction of the building Friday afternoon.

The Hueytown and Bessemer Fire Departments responded to the call around 1:30 p.m. The aftermath left the area hazy with smoke filling the air, but all flames were extinguished. Fire officials say no one was hurt.

Lieutenant paramedic Justin Saltur says the Hueytown Fire Department believes the church fire began in the attic. By the time someone noticed, it was too late. 

He says the church building cannot be salvaged, as much of the church is now burned to the ground.

“This church will not be salvageable and of course the city building inspectors and all will be involved from now on,” said Saltur. “They’ll have to tear down and rebuild.”

Although nothing can be done to save the church building, First Lady of the Church Judge Debra Bennett Winston says they are thankful for the first responders and ready to move forward. 

“I have no idea what the plans are,” said Bennett. “We are just thankful for the relationship we have with the administration of the city. We know that this is the building. This is not the church. So, we know with certainty, we’re moving on.” 

Saltur says the initial cause of the fire is still under investigation.