JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – June 21 marks the official start of summer. As temperatures continue to soar in Mississippi, some neighbors are working to find ways to keep their homes cool.

Ronnie Sims, CEO of Dynamic Heating and Cooling, said the first thing homeowners should do is maintenance.

“In the average home, about time you add up all the cracks and hot air that’s coming in leaking, it’s probably about the size of a basketball of hot air going into your home,” he said.

Sims said hanging up blackout curtains and sealing cracks are small solutions. He also said pre-setting your thermostat can make a difference.

“Keep your unit, if your not home, around 78 degrees. A lot of people cut the unit off, which is a bad thing to do. About time you get home, it’s 90 degrees and that unit has to work hard to get it down,” Sims explained.

Officials with Entergy Mississippi agreed. They said taking those simple steps would help decrease utility bills.

“Every degree below that is going to raise your bill by as much as three-percent, so you crank it down to 73, and you’ve raised your power bill 15% already,” said Mara Hartmann, a spokesperson for Entergy Mississippi.