BIRMINGHAM Ala. (WIAT) — Potential redevelopment plans are under discussion in Hoover. The city is partnering with the owners of two local retail centers to help the city evolve.

Hoover mayor Frank Brocato says the city is working to reimagine certain areas in Hoover. The Riverchase Galleria and Patton Creek shopping center are two of the locations the city is eyeing.

Mayor Brocato says Hoover hopes to transform what is already present into a true downtown city center. He says the owners of Riverchase Galleria and Patton Creek shopping center are in agreeance with the city that their properties have the capability to host new developments.

Brocato says he anticipates excitement for the community when they get to see the plans for what the unique campus will look like.

“It’ll be another great place people love to come to shop, to live, to work. We want all of that incorporated into those campuses as best we can,” said Brocato.

Brocato says adding a new healthcare facility to Riverchase Galleria is at the top of their list. He says their imagination is big, but the facility could offer diagnostic and surgical centers.

Senior General Manager of Riverchase Galleria Mike White says they welcome the city’s plans for a healthcare facility.

White says their goal is to stay relevant through continuous evolvement for many years to come.

“There are a number of things we’re doing on the exterior of the property as well as here on the interior of the property that are really in keeping with trying to evolve into future decades and to make this property continue to be relevant for the next 20 to 30 years,” said White.

Brocato says the redevelopment of Patton Creek could help to further urbanize the city.

He says a performing arts center has been highly requested by Hoover citizens. Brocato believes Patton Creek could be a great host site, but they are still deciding where an arts center would fit best.

“It’s just a lot of different parts that have to come together, but we’re encouraged that you’re going to see a really nice development in Patton Creek and hopefully very soon,” said Brocato.

Brocato says no agreements have been signed, but the city hopes to make announcements for official redevelopment plans by the end of this year.