Hoover mom and son get ready for first day of school


HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — The first day of school can be scary or exciting for a first-time student, but parents like Karli Morris are making sure her child is ready for this new milestone: elementary school.

The day before kindergarten, the Morris family was very busy.

“It’s a little nerve-racking, a little overwhelming, very exciting. We can’t wait to be honest,” said Morris.

Morris’ 5-year-old son, Landon, is a kindergartner at Riverchase Elementary. Landon is her oldest child, so public school is a big moment for both of them.

“We spend the last few weeks really talking about how to be helpful, being a kind person, knowing how to ask for help if we’re lost or scared and know the teacher is help you the whole time,” she said.

Morris and Landon have gone through the process of getting ready for that first day. They practiced picking that first outfit, packing his backpack and learning more about his new teacher, Ms. Olive.

They met Ms. Olive before school started during a “meet the teacher” event and Landon got to check out his desk and his classroom.

“It has these comfy chairs, stuff like that,” Landon excitedly said.

Landon said he’s excited about his new school.

“It’s cool. The lunch room looks really cool and gym was about this big,” said Landon as he opened his arms wide to display how big the gym was.

Morris and her husband know that a new school can be scary, so they gave Landon something special: matching bracelets.

“We’re all connected because we all have them on,” Landon said.

“He knows we’re all wearing our bracelets and if he needs a little extra strength or if he’s feeling a little scared or nervous, he knows he needs to just touch his bracelet and Mommy and Daddy are right there,” Morris said.

When the time came to drop Landon off that first day, he was eager to jump out and start his day.

“You kind of get the sense of the big kid he’s going to be,” Morris said. “He’s so mature, so responsible, it’s so different.”

However, Morris added that this was a “good different” because it’s the start of a new adventure for both of them.

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