Hoover firefighters get new equipment to help battle wildfires


HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Alabama’s drought isn’t getting better and firefighters are battling more grass and wildfires. Hoover firefighters are getting new equipment that they say will give them the upper hand battling wildfires.

Alabama is experiencing the worst drought in years.That’s putting pressure on local fire departments to be ready at a moment’s notice when wildfires start. Sometimes, the fire spreads to hard to reach places. That’s where Hoover’s newest equipment comes into play.

“It has the foam that’s rated to work on these types of fires, to actually extinguish it,” Battalion Chief David Hambright explained. Hoover firefighters were demonstrating how the pump works. It’s attached to the back of an ATV, so it fits in tighter places than the bigger fire engines.

The Hoover fire department bought new equipment to help them fight wildfires.

“It’s four wheel drive. It’s able to get out there in the terrain,” Hambright said. They’ve also got better handheld equipment and protective gear. That’s less bulky than traditional bunker gear. It’s all in an effort to protect lives and property.

“Until we get some rain it’s not going to stop,” Hambright said.

“Anything we can do to get our personnel, get them the equipment that they need to be able to function to be able to carry out their job, it’s just going to make it better for every body.”

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