Hoover doctor says COVID-19 precautions are still wise this Memorial Day weekend


HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Memorial Day weekend begins tomorrow, and it’s the first major holiday since the CDC relaxed its guidelines concerning COVID-19. A Hoover doctor says it’s still wise to be cautious about the activities you plan with family and friends.

This month, the CDC announced that fully-vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks in most situations. Because of that and the recent decrease in the number of cases, Dr. Amy Illescas of Total Care 280 says she’s seeing people growing more comfortable with certain activities.

“We haven’t seen huge, huge spikes after other events like Easter like we thought we were going to,” Illescas said. “And so I think the track record that people are seeing makes them feel more comfortable to do more.”

But she doesn’t want them to get too comfortable. She’s seen so few masks lately that it might give people the impression that everyone is fully-vaccinated when, she said, the numbers indicate only about 30% of people are. She still advises caution when enjoying holiday festivities.

“You’ve got to realize that there are other people out there who are in a different risk category than you and be mindful of that,” Illescas said. “Be your own advocate if you are in one of those risk categories.”

Whatever risk group you’re in, Illescas says it’s wise to check with medical professional about which safety procedures might be right for you.

“I think the guidelines are incredibly important, and I think it’s always good to have your family doctor or nurse practitioner or someone that you can call and say, ‘hey, this doesn’t make sense to me, break this down to me in terms that I can understand.’ And practically use that for moving forward,” she said.

While Illescas has concerns about how comfortable people are getting without masks, she believes the future is bright with regard to COVID-19.

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