Hoover city council approves 2020 fiscal year budget


HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — The city of Hoover has passed its budget, but it wasn’t before some back and forth between the council and Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato.

Before the vote was held, Brocato spent about 90 minutes presenting a new budget to the council. The council decided not to consider the mayor’s new proposal and instead voted on his original budget proposal that was given last month with the addition of amendments the council had drafted.

Members of the council said it was unfair for Brocato to expect them to be able to consider a new budget that took weeks to create in a matter of hours.

There were two main differences in what the council approved and what the mayor presented Thursday evening; through the passed budget

  • Approximately 10 million dollars is set aside for capital projects. These projects will be introduced by the mayor and approved by the council.
  • Amendments made to the original budget that cut approximately 2.2 million dollars in spending.

Although the mayor’s new proposal was not considered, he said he is still happy with the end result of the special call council meeting. “This is a process, so you’ve got to massage that. We’ll look at how we did it this year. Is that how we want to do it next year? Probably not.”

We can expect the council to be passing amendments on the budget in the coming weeks. The budget passed 6-1.


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