DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In 2009, the Escalera family opened up a small Mexican store that would provide the Wiregrass with a taste of authentic Mexican goods and foods.

As business began to grow, they decided to expand their store into more than just a grocery market. Today, El Torito is not only a supermarket but also a genuine Mexican restaurant.

As the owner of El Torito says, their business serves the Hispanic community every day.

“I have to say if there’s a hundred Hispanic people right here, almost 95 come over here get their stuff from us,” El Torito co-owner, Fidel Escalera said.

“And it’s not only important for the Hispanic community, but for the whole community,” El Torito co-owner, Tina Escalera said.

The Escalera’s say their business is a unique addition to the Wiregrass as it provides many goods that you might not find in a traditional store, and they all come from Mexico.

“I will mention there are hundreds of thousands of items that you can not find in Walmart,” Fidel Escalera said. “We have candies that come from Mexico that you can not find in Walmart. We have Mexican bread you can not find at Walmart. We have a lot of Mexican cheeses, creams, a lot that you can not find over there.”

As Hispanic Heritage Month continues, the Escalera family sees it as an opportunity to celebrate the culture on which their business represents.

“The Spanish Heritage Month, for us, is celebrating the culture, the foods, the get-togethers, just being together with family,” Tina Escalera said.

To get a taste of the authentic Mexican cuisine provided by El Torito, you can visit their store 3753 Ross Clark Circle.