Helena Elementary School creates Sensory Path for students


HELENA, Ala (WIAT) – Helena Elementary School has a new addition this year creating inclusiveness for all students.

The school added a new Sensory Path in one hallway that helps students deal with emotions of anxiousness or hyperactivity. The school says the hand-eye coordination involved in the steps helps struggling students improve reading and comprehension skills. Now a teacher can let their students walk down the path to calm down and return to class.

Aimee Hackney is a special education teacher at Helena Elementary school. Hackney saw a Sensory Path at another school helped to incorporate a Sensory Path for Helena Elementary.

“It’s so exciting. Like when they start you can see they’re anxious or excited or hyperactive, and then as you watch them walk through the path you can see their body start to relax and then get ready to go back to class. It’s just a cool thing to watch,” said Hackney.

The school plans to expand the Sensory Path to the outdoors.

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