UAB researchers find a blood pressure medication can help adults with Type 1 diabetes


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham revealed that a common blood pressure medication can help adults with Type 1 diabetes. 

According to researchers, the medication Verapamil can help promote insulin production in adults with recent onset Type 1 diabetes. The medicine allows patients to produce higher levels of their own insulin, which limits their need for insulin injections to balance out their blood sugar levels. 

The breakthrough could be a game changer for treating Type 1 diabetes. 

“We’re hoping that this will provide ultimately a new approach to diabetes therapy that just with an oral medication, patients will be able to maintain more of their own insulin production,” said Dr. Anath Shalev with the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center. 

Dr. Shalev says that the decision will be up to physicians to use the Verapamil. 

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