Study: Babies show altruism starting in infancy; willing to give up food

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Ok so think about this.. a hungry baby, just 19-months-old picks up a delicious snack. But.. instead of eating it the baby gives it to you!

Now imagine dozens of different babies the same age…doing the same thing.

That’s what happened during a study that just came out Tuesday.

Researchers were testing when people start to become Altruistic.

In other words, when do we start helping people even if it costs us something?

Apparently it is when we are babies.

In a recent study, researchers put fruit in front of babies to see if they would give it to a total stranger without being asked.

More than half of them did.

Of course, there are questions about whether or not the kids were really hungry or if they were just trying to be helpful.

But here is something that is interesting, the kids who gave up their fruit often had a sibling or were taught to be giving.

Which researchers say made them ask an even more important question..

How do we promote Altruism in our kids so we can become a more caring society as a whole?

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