Fearless Fest brings local wellness industry together

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — In this week’s “Living Well with Michelle,” Michelle gives us an inside look at an upcoming wellness festival focused on taking your health to the next level.

Fearless Fest co-founder Emilie Maynor said the pillars of this retreat-like event are self-care, self-study and community.

 “We found from running the festival is that we have so many incredible practitioners running energy work, writing classes, massage and yoga therapy that a lot of participants in Birmingham don’t really know what’s available,” Maynor said.

Lucas Hoffman is one of the practitioners this year. He will be demonstrating the benefits of Thai massage — a bodywork practice involving yoga-like postures and acupressure.

“We think of each moment, each touch, as an opportunity to be present,” Hoffman said. “If there’s a tight spot in your body and I find it, you’re gonna focus on that.”

Fearless Fest gives business owners like Hoffman an opportunity to showcase their practice to potential customers.

“Having the opportunity to connect and share my work is really important to me,” he said. “And then also to learn what other modalities are out there so I can refer my clients.”

Erica Midkiff will be presenting at Fearless for the third time this year. She teaches intentional writing to help clients get connected with the present moment by putting pen to paper.

“We did a writing exercise about what you can see, what you can taste, what you can touch right now — really grounds you in the moment,” Midkiff said. “Then we talked about what do I need right now that I could give myself in the next five minutes, and then we did that.”

Fearless Fest is a two-day event at Practice Works Saturday and Sunday.


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