WATCH: UAB health official discusses vaccine safety during pregnancy


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — On Friday, UAB provided information on the latest findings related to vaccine safety and pregnancy.

Dr. Jodie Dionne-Odom, associate director of Global Health in the UAB Center for Women’s Reproductive Health, discussed COVID vaccine safety during pregnancy and the latest CDC findings related to vaccine safety and pregnancy during Friday’s media briefing.

“Pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant can receive any type of COVID-19 vaccine that’s available,” Dr. Dionne-Odom said.

Overall data on the coronavirus pandemic won’t be fully available for another decade, according to Dr. Dionne-Odom. She said that what has become available provides health officials the ability to stay aware of the latest developments.

“The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is different,” Dionne-Odom said. “We have less safety data on the vaccine in pregnancy then we do in Pfizer and Moderna just because they were released first, but we have seen that there is no concerning data that we’ve seen so far with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.”

The full UAB briefing can be watched in the video player above.

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