UA sets social distancing guidelines as students return to campus


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — University of Alabama students are moving back onto campus in Tuscaloosa. Classes begin in just five days for the fall semester.  

UA has some strict social distancing guidelines and penalties and will punish students who don’t comply with the rules.
Because of the coronavirus, UA has set new guidelines in place that include: students must wear a facial cover on campus, practice social distancing and there are restrictions on large social gatherings.  

UA student Brooke Wolfe agrees with the guidelines.

“I do think it will be inevitable that people are going to try to test the limits and people are going to try to do their own thing regardless so I think it’s good they are in place so that we can have guidelines to follow,” Wolfe said.

If students fail to follow the rules they will face serious penalties:

  • First Violation— A letter will be sent to the student documenting the violation failure to wear a face covering or practice social distancing.
  • Second Violation— The student will receive a formal conduct charge. If found responsible, the student will receive a written disciplinary warning, which will be reflected on their student disciplinary record.  
  • Third Violation— The student will receive a formal conduct charge.  If found responsible, the student will receive disciplinary probation for up to two semesters and be required to complete the Capstone Character Workshop.
  • All violations after the third violation may result in suspension for up to one year.

UA student Robert Durant does not agree with the penalties but understands why UA officials are doing it hoping to keep students safe from the spread of the virus.

“I wouldn’t say I support this but I understand why they are there.  I think being strict with it is probably the most effective way to enforce it otherwise it’s like a slap on the wrist,” Durant said.

As for Wolfe, she is hoping the campus social distancing rules will help keep students safe and healthy.

“I think they should be in place because if you don’t, you’re just going to have kids doing whatever they want because we’re on a college campus. I think it will remind us about how serious this virus is. I think it’s needed so we know the guidelines and rules are and the measures we need to be taking,” she said.

The fall semester gets under Aug. 19.


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