Travel advisers recommend talking to experts before booking cruise trip


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Travel advisers are recommending people who want to take a cruise trip to talk to an expert before booking.

Clarissa Winchester, a Birmingham travel adviser for Cruise Planners, said she’s been receiving a lot of questions from clients who want to know if it’s safe to go on a cruise due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Winchester said that her team is taking all warnings seriously and will only book clients on trips that they feel confident are safe and do not compromise their client’s health.

“As governments come in and say we need to pay attention to this, we need to be watching this, obviously this is whereas a company where we come in and say ok, this is the who, what, where, when, and why and I think a lot of times, just in general, people think emotionally about situations and when you got a fluid situation and unknown situation, you have to take emotion out of it and have to think logically,” said Winchester.

Cruise prices are lower than normal, but Winchester said that mostly has to do with the WAVE season, which always happens in January through March and is considered the biggest discount season of the year for cruise lines.

Winchester said they’re in constant communication with the other travel industries to make sure travel is safe for their client.


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