Most COVID hospitalizations in the state stem from unvaccinated people, Alabama Hospital Association says


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT)- A study by the Alabama Hospital Association says that at least 94 percent of people currently hospitalized in Alabama with COVID-19 are not vaccinated against the virus.

“If you look at where those people are at in hospitals you find 40 percent of them are still in the ICU. In fact, a higher percentage of patients with COVID are now in the ICU than back in January and February when we had 3000 people in the hospital,” Don Williamson, Alabama Hospital Association, said.

Despite this number, statewide medical facilities are continuing to see improvement with hospitalizations overall. Nearly a month ago Alabama averaged around 300 cases a day in hospitals, and that number has now reduced to 200 per day.

Health leaders are continuing to push for people to get vaccinated to further decrease hospitalizations and severe illness. In Alabama, only about 30 percent of people are vaccinated, and concern lies with younger populations, which have a higher percentage of individuals not vaccinated.

People that are not vaccinated remain the biggest concern as we head towards fall, even if they have a level of immunity from previously contracting the virus, Williamson adds. Officials anticipate seeing cases increase again in the fall due to schools returning after a summer of vacations for many.

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