BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — An Alabama man has gained national attention after he uploaded a live video on Facebook while confronting pharmacists in a Missouri Walmart who were administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Washington Post, Insider and Yahoo News have all written articles within the past week about Christopher Key, the self-proclaimed “Vaccine Police”, whose Facebook profile states he resides in Birmingham and is from Fultondale, Ala.

Key posted a public, live video on Facebook on Aug. 16 in which he describes that he and several companions are going to pharmacies in Springfield, Mo. to inform those administering COVID-19 vaccines that they were committing a “crime against humanity.” Key also claims early in the video that he and his companions have a “sworn affidavit stating that 45,000 people within three days of receiving the vaccine dropped dead.”

As the video continues, Key gives his companion directions about how to confront the pharmacists and how to stream the confrontation to Facebook. Multiple people begin filming on cell phones and someone can be heard saying they can “edit anything.” 

As the group continues to prepare, Key puts on sunglasses and asks, “Should I go ‘Terminator’ on them?”

“At least when we walk in ” someone responds.

In addition to the sunglasses, Key is wearing a black polo that says “Vaccine Police”, black cargo pants, several pieces of tactical gear and lace-up, military-style boots along with a metal star pin.

Before entering the store, the group prays: “Thank you Lord Jesus for waking up Springfield,” a group member says.

When the group enters the Walmart, they beeline for the pharmacy. Workers pull down the metal divider as the group approaches and post a sign that reads “No Pharmacist on Duty.”

“I highly doubt that,” someone in the group remarks about the sign, and  Key and his colleagues can be heard saying the workers are “wussing out” by closing the pharmacy.

“What about our prescriptions?” another asks.

Key walks over to a Walmart employee standing to the side, telling her the purpose of their visit.

“We wanted to put them on public notice and let them know what they’re doing is a violation of the Nuremberg Code,” he states. “If you give one more shot…you yourself will be executed as a violation of the Nuremberg Code.”

“I do this out of love and want you to know that if you, if they, give any more vaccines- the pharmacists, anybody that works here, they all will be held accountable; last time in Germany, they hung all those people,” Key reiterates.

The Walmart employee responds to Key, “I appreciate you’ve got a message to share. But we do have a no-solicitation policy. You can stay and shop if you want, but you can’t keep doing this. You either need to shop or get off the property” she says.

Key changes his message, telling the worker, “ I want to get my vaccine. Can’t I talk to the pharmacist to get my vaccine?” 

“Where can I get my vaccine? Why can’t I get my vaccine?” he continues to fire. “All I want to do is talk to the pharmacist.”

The employee tells Key the same policy, but he retorts saying she is a “mockingbird.”

“She’s a mockingbird; she’s just repeating.”

Key and other remembers of the group peer into the pharmacy, continuing to pace in front of it and claim they want a vaccine. At one point, they can be seen pointing and then heard loudly trying to speak to the pharmacists.

“Can we get our vaccine through the drive-thru?” Key shouts.

Key turns back around, speaking to the multiple cell phone cameras on him. “They’re all laughing about this. They think it’s funny. This is what happens when we come together and show them the truth. They can’t handle the truth.”

“If they don’t stand down immediately,” he continues, “they could be executed immediately. They could be hung at the stake just like those in Nazi Germany,  just like they did the nurses, doctors, pharmacists and clergymen. What happened in Nazi Germany is happening now.”

“It (the confrontation) isn’t intimidation. We don’t want that (execution) to happen to any of you guys. We love you and want you to be safe,” he adds.

For over ten minutes, Key and the group pace in front of the pharmacy, demanding a vaccine yet commenting that the pharmacy’s closure is good.

“What we’re doing by having them close down is keeping people from getting the vaccine, which I think is a beautiful thing,” Key says.

Eventually, the group exits the store to find a police officer outside of the door.

Key repeatedly tells a police officer he “just” wants to get the vaccine. Several Walmart employees, including the woman Key spoke with earlier, join along with three other cops.

Key continues to ask for a vaccination but when told he can schedule an appointment and come back to the site, he becomes angry.

“That is discrimination  Do you want me to file a discrimination lawsuit against you? Are you going to refuse me service?” Key asks the same worker. She does not respond.

For several more minutes, Key alleges discrimination. Eventually, the scene disperses, and Key walks towards the parking lot with his companions.

“We’re headed to our next destination,” he says to the camera.

Key did not immediately respond to CBS 42 for comments about this incident.