MONTGOMERY, Ala (WIAT) – Governor Kay Ivey is once again telling unvaccinated Alabamians it’s up to them to stop the spread of the coronavirus by getting a shot.

Governor Ivey spoke one-on-one with Alabama State Capitol Reporter Jeff Sanders on Friday.

“The COVID-19 vaccine is absolutely the best weapon, the most effective weapon we have against this disease,” Ivey said.

She made it clear that those who refuse to get vaccinated are to blame for the current surge in COVID-19 cases.

“All the new cases are the un-vaccinated, almost 100% of new hospitalizations are un-vaccinated, and almost 100% of the deaths are un-vaccinated patients” Ivey said.

The governor stated that she has always supported vaccinations against COVID-19 and also praised former President Trump’s effort in the fight against the coronavirus.

“I was an advocate for this vaccine even before we had a vaccine, and thanks to President Trump, the scientists, and Operation Warp Speed this disease is preventable,” Ivey said.

The Governor went on to stress that the voice should be very simple.

“Surely, those people have got common sense, and surely, they don’t want to choose self-inflicted, horrible illness and possible death,” Ivey said.

According to recent study by the Alabama Hospital Association, nearly 96 percent of all COVID-19 hospitalizations in the state are among patients who have not been vaccinated.

Despite the rise in COVID-19 cases, the governor also made it clear she has no plans re-impose any statewide health or mask mandates and maintains Alabama is open for business.