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While there are ways to minimize the risk from COVID-19 this New Year’s Eve, such as Times Square only welcoming fully vaccinated revelers, many people will decide that big parties are off the cards for them. 

If you’re feeling uneasy about attending a busy New Year’s party, you can have fun and ring in 2022 in a whole host of other ways. 

Virtual New Year’s Eve parties

The best way to avoid catching or spreading COVID-19 this New Year’s Eve is to stay at home. If you’ve decided to lay low until case numbers have dropped or you can get your booster vaccination, you might choose to host a virtual New Year’s Eve party on Zoom or similar. The key to a virtual New Year’s party that doesn’t feel lacking is to get some of the items you might buy for an in-person party. Buy yourself your drink of choice, be it white wine, orange juice or fancy tea, as well as snacks and some decorations or a confetti cannon to pop at midnight. You may wish to plan activities for your online guests, such as games or activities. 

Household-only New Year’s parties

Don’t want to head out to a New Year’s event but still want to party? Host a New Year’s party with just your household. The tone of the party will differ depending on who you live with, but it can be great fun whether you’re drinking and dancing with your crew of housemates or playing party games with your kids. Make it more special than a standard evening at home by dressing up, making or ordering some hors d’oeuvres, decorating the place and making a sweet party playlist. Of course, this isn’t an option for people who live alone, but there are other great alternatives to consider.

New Year dinner parties

You might not feel comfortable hitting a party with a large number of guests who may or may not have been vaccinated, but there’s a difference between a big party and a small gathering with a handful of your friends. A New Year’s dinner party is an excellent option for those who don’t want or need to isolate completely but still wish to keep things low-key and limit their contacts. Invite a few of your nearest and dearest over to your place this New Year’s Eve and cook for them. If you’re no slouch in the kitchen, you can plan an elaborate menu and show off your skills. However, it’s more about the company than the food, so don’t be afraid to keep it simple or order your favorite food. To keep you and your guests safe, you could even take a rapid result antigen test for COVID-19 on the day of the dinner party and ask your guests to do the same.

New Year’s Eve sleepovers

Similar to a New Year dinner party, you might feel uneasy about a big New Year’s Eve party, but a sleepover with a couple of your closest friends is a much safer prospect, especially if you know they’re fully vaccinated. Hark back to the sleepovers of your youth and order pizza, watch movies, eat popcorn and chat with your friends. It might be a low-key celebration, but what better way to bring in the New Year than with just a few of your favorite people in the world? 

Outdoor New Year’s Eve celebrations

If even small indoor gatherings are feeling daunting to you at the moment, you might be content with an outdoor celebration. Whether or not you can spend the whole night out in your yard or at a park will likely depend on the climate where you live. It’s much easier on a balmy Miami New Year’s Eve than with snow on the ground in Minneapolis. Outdoor heaters or fire pits and blankets can help keep you warm when ringing in 2022 outdoors, but in colder climates, you might consider meeting earlier in the day for an afternoon New Year celebration.

What you need to celebrate the New Year

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