(WIAT) — We took a deep dive into what you need to know about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. With more than 114,000 cases and 4,000 deaths worldwide, concerns about containing the highly contagious coronavirus are mounting. While Alabama, as of March 10, does not have any confirmed cases, state and local agencies are already preparing contingency plans, as people in neighboring states have tested positive. Check out the segments from our all-day special in which we tackled your biggest questions surrounding the coronavirus threat.

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Follow us on Instagram for your daily 42Feed! In Tuesday’s 42Feed, Nick Erebia cleared the air surrounding some of the most common misconceptions about COVID-19.

The coronavirus and small rural hospitals by Jessalyn Adams

The CBS 42 Morning News with Art Franklin
Groundbreaking coronavirus research being conducted at UAB by Conan Gasque

The CBS 42 News at Noon
How is the COVID-19 scare affecting travel plans for people in Central Alabama? by Ariana Garza

The CBS 42 News at 5:00 pm
How would Alabama schools move forward during a coronavirus outbreak? by Jack Royer

The CBS 42 News at 6:00 pm
State health officials: Their plans to ease concerns about coronavirus by Reshad Hudson

The CBS 42 News at 10:00 pm
Changes in church to combat the coronavirus by Malique Rankin