City of Jasper encourages young people to ‘get the shot’ in new campaign

October 02 2021 06:00 pm

JASPER, Ala. (WIAT) — Jasper’s mayor is launching a campaign to reach the 2,700 young people he says live in the city. In light of low vaccination rates among teens and adolescents in Alabama, he is sending a message, encouraging those eligible to get a vaccine.

“As an Alabamian, I never like to be last at anything,” said Jasper Mayor David O’Mary.

But right now, that’s where the state stands in vaccinations. Mayor O’Mary believes, to make a difference, start small. 

“I think, as an Alabama City, we have a responsibility to help,” O’Mary said.

O’Mary turned to his staff for solutions.

“I said, let’s see what we can pull together to where we might could make a contribution to reverse what’s going on out there,” explained O’Mary. “I said, can we give it a flavor that might appeal to young people?”

In 24 hours, two of his staffers had a plan.“It’s kind of neat to think I had the idea for the ‘take the shot’ part of it,” said Jasper employee Brent McCarver.

McCarver came up with the decal’s concept– a Jasper Viking taking the game-winning shot. The image is set to go on nearly all of the city’s 100 vehicles. He and the mayor hope their message helps to curb the spread, so the city can continue to host events while keeping both visitors and locals safe.

“It’s certainly not a mandate, it’s just trying to support what we believe is the right thing to do,” McCarver explained.

For those interested in putting a decal on the vehicle, Mayor O’Mary says they haven’t decided whether to make them available to the public, but he tells CBS 42 News the odds are good.

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