Alabama sees uptick in vaccine distribution, hesitancy remains

October 02 2021 06:00 pm

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Vaccinations to protect against COVID-19 are on the rise. The White House Coronavirus Task Force announcing Tuesday an average of 900,000 doses are given per day, an 80 percent daily increase compared to July.

Right now, UAB reports about 47 percent of Alabamians have gotten at least one dose of the shot, but it’s still not what health leaders say is needed to get back to normalcy.

“We have seen people still going out and getting the vaccine, but I can tell you it’s still not enough,” Alabama Nurse’s Association President Lindsey Harris said. “The vaccine is safe; it works and we’re just encouraging everyone to get vaccinated.”

But as vaccines go up, so is testing for the virus. At Your Kids Urgent Care in Vestavia Hills, Clinic Manager Stephanie Edwards said they test over 100 kids and adults each day for COVID.

“It’s typically the people who feel as if they don’t have COVID and they’re taking precautionary measures that do pop positive on these tests,” Edwards said.

Both Edwards and Harris are working hard to dispel any myths about the vaccine.

“I can understand the fear behind being injected with something that is not normal, but the injection does provide the exposure that we need for our bodies to build those defense mechanisms against the virus,” Edwards said.

Harris said nurses are resilient and will continue to help you make the best choice for your family.

“We’re in it to serve and that is our passion is to help others, but we are pleading and asking everyone out there to help us,” Harris said.

Harris said healthcare providers are mentally and physically exhausted from their work, but they will continue to talk to the community as they have questions about the vaccine. Edwards said her clinic will continue to test and provide piece of mind for folks as we continue to navigate through the pandemic.

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