MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Some Alabamians are used to traveling to Georgia to play the lottery. Well now during the coronavirus emergency, public health officials are concerned that people could travel to Georgia this weekend since their state is reopening. 

Earlier this week, Georgia‘s governor announced nonessential businesses like barbershops, nail salons and gyms can open.

Alabama Public Health officials have a warning for Alabamians that may travel to Georgia for these services.  

“I want to remind people that the 6ft distance should be maintained and that respiratory hygiene, like cover the cough, washing the hands, staying at home if you’re sick. If you are sick, don’t go to Georgia,” said Dr. Karen Landers. 

Doctor Karen Landers with public says it’s  difficult to maintain social distancing with close contact services.

“I do think it is important to consider strongly the use of cloth mask face coverings in these instances,” said Dr. Landers. 

Meanwhile its been one week since the Lieutenant Governor released recommendations on how to reopen Alabama in a safe way.

“We think that some of these retail stores should have never been shut down, I am hoping that the governor will open these businesses sooner than later,” said Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth. 

Ainsworth tweeted that other states are interested in Alabama’s plan.

“Is it a perfect plan, of course not is it a plan that takes common sense and everything we’ve learned about the virus and try to put in piratical applications in bushiness where they’ll minimize the spread of the virus, that was the goal,” said Ainsworth.