MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has become vital to the safety operations for most businesses. 

From offices to restaurants and retail stores, supplies like face masks and hand sanitizers have become essential but hard to find.

After being closed for six weeks, Sheldon Martin’s boutique Chantilly in Montgomery is back in business.

“We’ve been around almost 40 years and we’ve never been closed,” said Sheldon Martin, owner of Chantilly. 

Like many store owners, Martin is trying to navigate the new normal and keep her costumers safe.

“We disinfect all common surfaces every day after ever customer,” said Martin.

Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth reached out to the state’s medical supply distributors to lend a hand. Turenne PharMedCoMedical Supply Services is one of those companies that has answered the call. They plan to make items available for purchase to businesses that are reopening.

“Turenne PharMedCo is a distributor for medical supplies including PPE in the healthcare world,” said Craig Miller.

From gloves, face shelds, wipes to those n95 mask this company stands by their products.

“We know that their employees are going to need access to disinfectant products, the hand sanitizer and the mask. but we also see that it may be something they may want to make available for consumers,” said Miller