BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Pfizer has recently asked the FDA to allow COVID shots for children ages 5-11. The shots could begin within a matter of weeks.

We wanted to hear from an expert so we spoke to a local doctor, so we talked to CBS 42 resident doctor Dr. Celeste Reese-Willis about the proposed shot for children.

“We do suspect that they will approve the smaller dose and it will be a smaller a dose for kids,” Reese-Willis said. “It will be less than half the current dose.”

Reese-Willis also discussed the effectiveness of booster shots for the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We know via studies that the amount of anti-body levels when you get to the point that you’re six months out from your first dose up to 8 months out from your first does, those antibodies levels lower significantly after 8 months, so getting a booster dose is simply a reminder to your immune system ‘Hey, remember this virus, we want to make sure that we remember it and continue to make antibodies to fight off this infection.'”

The full interview with Dr. Celeste Reese-Willis can be watched in the video player above.