Happy International Left Handers Day!


(CNN/WIAT) — On August 13 people across the country celebrated International Left-Handers Day. It is a day recognizing those who favor their left hand over their right hand. The day was founded in 1992 in the United Kingdom.

According to the National Day Calendar, only 10% of the world’s population are left-handed.

Famous left-handers include former President Barack Obama, James Garfield, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey are left-handed.

For those who struggle with art, writing and building tools (like me!) you can purchase left-hand friendly items from stores such as Lefty’s located in California and Florida, or The Left-Handed Store featured on Amazon.

Cheers to you, lefties!

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