HALEYVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Neighbors in Haleyville are being urged to be careful paying for gasoline after three credit card skimmers were found at service stations across the city.

The devices can steal your financial information when you swipe at the pump.

“I’ve been employed here 16 years and this is the first time I have seen this,” said Haleyville Police Chief Rodney Lewis.

Lewis and other officers have been on ‘pump patrol’ since discovering the devices. They’re working with area gas stations to check for the skimmers that can be difficult or impossible to spot from the outside of the pump.

“If they are Bluetooth it would only be a matter of them pulling up in the gas pump with their phone, getting information off of it and driving off,” said Lewis.

For gas station managers like Amie Speakman, they’re trying to look through surveillance video to see if they can find anything out of place.

“We see a lot of these customers every day, they stop by in and out, so we want to let everyone know we are trying to get to the bottom of it. We are checking our pumps every day, throughout the day a few times a day verifying that they are safe,” said Speakman, who is manager at E-Z Mart.

Some Haleyville residents reported unauthorized charges on their credit or debit cards for close to $200 out of Florida.

“They’ve hit this little town hard. It’s been a few of the little convenience stores,” said Speakman.

While many of the gas stations are not open overnight, Lewis said some of the pumps stay on. Officers will continue to look for anything out of place.

“The criminals, they try to stay one step ahead of us and we are doing all we can do to get a leg up,” said Lewis.

Other cities near Birmingham have also reported finding credit card skimmers. Childersburg residents were warned in February 2022.

Gas station managers understand the frustration from customers, but said they are also having to recoup losses.

“We’re victims also. The money or gas that was sold, we still have to pay for it,” said Speakman.

If you know anything that can help in the investigation, call Haleyville Police at 205.486.3121.