BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is helping out our furry friends in Florida. Dozens of dogs are now here in Birmingham after being evacuated from shelters in the path of Hurricane Ian.

About 43 dogs from Florida are now in Birmingham and out of harms way. The dogs arrived at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society Tuesday night, just hours before hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday.

The dogs were evacuated from two shelters in Florida that are in the path of the storm. A small group of pups are being held at the main facility on Snow Drive while the majority of the dogs are at the hospital on Princeton Way.

Local shelter crews are in Florida now to help with rescues after Ian makes landfall. Chief Program Officer Ivana Sullivan said they are always happy to step in and help.

“We have the resources to help, and a lot of other shelters don’t have the same resources that we do so we fell like it’s our obligation to help others . We have the vehicles and a lot of connections and rescue and shelter partners so we just try to help where we can,” Sullivan said.

Thursday morning some of the dogs will be taken to other states to help make room for additional rescues after the storm.

Sullivan said they are always in need of donations, especially when taking in additional animals during times like this. If you would like to make a donation click HERE.