Gray Death: The deadly opioid cocktail that’s trickling into Alabama


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A powerful street drug called “gray death” has authorities puzzled as it continues to spread across the south and linked to a high number of overdoses and deaths.

Officials say the drug has slowly made its way into the state with a couple of cases popping up in South Alabama, but drug task force agents are trying to figure out exactly what makes up the deadly substance.

Alabama officials have taken notes from neighbors in Georgia law enforcement who over the past 4 months have seized 50 batches of “gray death.”

Its a drug so powerful – that even touching it with your bare skin – could kill you.

“Well this is certainly a lethal cocktail of heroine, fentanyl and carfentanil that we have seen in intelligence reports in our narcotics community and it suggests that it is being used recreationally in our neighboring state in Georgia,” said Lt. Clay Hammac of the Shelby County Drug Enforcement Taskforce.

With Birmingham only an hour and a half from the state line, officials are having to play catch up, “we don’t realize something is a new trend or fad, or problematic until it has already shown itself on the streets,” Lt. Hammac said.

Even those who work with drug addicts know, facing the new deadly craze is almost inevitable.

“We know that most of our trafficking comes through Atlanta to some degree so eventually it will be here, is that in one month, one week, six months we don’t know,” said Sandor Cheka, the executive director of Addiction Prevention Coalition.

“We do need to be prepared for it and get information out to folks to help them understand this can come and will probably come to Birmingham,” Cheka continued.


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