BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Little Hands Serving Hearts is showing us that you’re never too small to make a difference.

The nonprofit group was started in 2017 to give volunteer opportunities to children 12 years old or younger and when the coronavirus crisis began, Little Hands Serving Hearts adapted to help where help was needed most. Since March, the group has fed more than 1,600 front line essential workers using donations since the pandemic began.

Kids can stay involved through projects like writing letters to essential workers, and drawing sidewalk chalk from home.

Executive director Ashley Seligson said she hopes the volunteer experience teaches kids that there’s joy in helping others.

“We always talk about it with the kids, are ‘three Ts.’ It’s time, talent and treasures,” Seligson said. “So it’s identifying do we have time to give to somebody, do we have treasures, it could be the coat in the closet that doesn’t fit anymore. And then finally being able to identify what are talents are and being able to share that with others.”

Little Hands Serving Hearts is also partnering with Hayes K-8 school in Birmingham to provide food, supplies, and over-the-phone tutors.

“We always say one person can make a difference,” Seligson said. “But together is how we bring about change.”

For more information about upcoming projects, including a book drive, visit the organization’s website. You can also follow updates on their Facebook page.