Senior citizens give back to community through ‘Loving Hands’

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — A group of ladies meet at the Hawkins Park Recreation Center in Jefferson County several times a week in a mission to show the community love.

They call the group “Loving Hands” because they make hand-made items and donate them to various places like hospitals, homeless shelters, and nursing home.

These ladies also call each other sisters.

“Sometimes we get too loud and we have to close the door because we laughing at something,” said Gwendolyn Jordan, a member of “Loving Hands.”

Every stitch, every measurement, and every cut is done from the heart.

“We take the skills that we have and use our hands to create products and gifts that make people happy and that makes us happy,” said Sandra Johnson, a member of “Loving Hands.”

Members quilt and crochet all kinds of items like adult bibs, quilts, preemie baby hats, and purses. Sometimes they just grab the fabric and see where it takes them.

“It pretty much tells you what it wants to be and so you just act on it,” said Johnson.

Once they’re done, they bring their creations to places like homeless shelters, nursing homes, and hospitals. They say the reaction when they drop the items off is indescribable.

“It changes people for however long because someone is thinking of them and that’s why we get great pleasure giving to the nursing homes, to children, and to the homeless,” said Johnson.

“Just to say ‘This is yours,’ we’ll give it to them and they just hold it, it makes you feel good,” said Jordan.

For these ladies, it’s as much as for them as it is for the person receiving the gift.

“I love coming out. I don’t have to sit at home. I can come here and enjoy myself with my little group,” said Jordan.

Although many times people at the rec center think there’s a party going on in the “Loving Hands” room, what really is going on is a group of ladies changing the world one hat and one blanket at a time.

“It’s our need as people to give back to our communities and to support those who are in need or at different times of their life and need to know that someone cares about them,” said Johnson.

Just like how much they care for each other.

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