BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The nonprofit organization Leave It To Us is helping senior citizens with their grocery and pharmacy needs in the safest way possible.

Those who are 55 years old or older can request items be delivered so they don’t have to leave their homes to get essentials. The service is completely free.

How to request a delivery:

  1. Make a list of items needed
  2. Call or email the coordinator in your area
  3. Provide the coordinator with your location and date of birth
  4. A volunteer will shop for your items
  5. The requested items will be delivered to your home
  6. Pay upon delivery

To make a request in the Birmingham area, call or email Ibukun Afon:

  • (770) 329-8677

To make a request in Tuscaloosa, call or email Lauren Shiling:

  • (954) 540-0856

Birmingham chapter coordinator Ibukun Afon said he’s also encourages anyone with underlying health conditions to make delivery requests as well. Afon works as a nurse at UAB, but said he loves getting the opportunity to help his neighbors in need.

“For one, the satisfaction that comes from the neighbors who I deliver for,” Afon said. “I know they’re thrilled to interact with people for one and still have that social interactions to a certain degree — of course it’s through a screen door but it’s still brings a smile to me and a smile to them.”

Leave It To Us was started by University of Alabama student Michael Arundel in Tuscaloosa, but the initiative quickly gained traction. There are now chapters across the United States.

The goal for each chapter is to keep high-risk individuals safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.