Friend of Sgt. Stephen Williams saw him hours before death in the line of duty


MOODY, Ala. (WIAT) — The city of Moody is heartbroken as they mourn the loss of one of their own, Sgt. Stephen Williams. Now, the community is paying their respects and showing support for Moody Police Department.

Williams had been friends with Russell Bedsole for over 20 years. The two graduated from the same police academy.

“He was a big advocate for law enforcement, always trying to find a way to support what we do,” Bedsole said.

Bedsole said he bumped into Williams just hours before he responded to his final call.

“Just last night (Tuesday), I was with my son here in Alabaster, and I look over to see a patrol car… And I notice this one says city of Moody. It was my friend driving,” he said. “He was at a traffic light and rolled down his window as we shared a brief communication together. It was nice to speak to him, right before he drove off, the light turned green, I said, ‘Hey man, be safe’ but it felt a little bit different.”

Bedsole said he texted Williams that night to check-in. That message went unanswered.

“He was a fine example of no matter what agency he served, he did it to serve his community,” he said.

Now, the city of Moody is showing the police their support by placing blue and black bows on cars and mailboxes. Carl Howard of Jean’s Flowers said he has received roughly 200 orders for bows in honor of Williams.

“It’s just been one right after the other, it’s been a tough day… It’s gratifying. And frustrating in a way, because you want to help more and do more and do it when people want it but we have to do it as we can,” Howard said.


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