Following a largely eventless 2020, the wedding boom is here


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Last year’s wedding season was more or less a wash with many couples having to postpone or even cancel their big days, all while venues and vendors were left without business.

A year later, it’s a race to find venues and vendors with unbooked dates. 

“We on our way to the top,” said Gloria Readus, event coordinator at Luxe Decor.

That’s how Readus is feeling as the first wedding season since the pandemic is upon us. Last year, the wedding planning and decorating group saw many clients postpone, but they made the most of the circumstance while gathering was considered unsafe.

“We were able to pick up a lot of mini weddings and mini matrimonial moments,” she said.

But as COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, so too has the number of reservations wedding venues and vendors have been receiving. At the Donnelly House in Highland Park, owner Carl Schoettlin said those looking to get married in 2022 need to start booking now.

“It’s double the business with the same amount of vendors and the same amount of venues,” Schoettlin said. “There are only 52 weekends in a year, there’s only x amount of venues in Birmingham. Then you have twice as many brides trying to get in on that. SO if you know the date that you want, you’ll want to book it quick.”

Schoettlin said that means wedding parties may have to settle for a ceremony on a day other than a Saturday. 

“They may have to go with a Friday or a Sunday, which is not uncommon,” he said. “We see that becoming more common this next year because of so many brides being in the market to get married right now.”

Schoettlin also said for that vendor you’ve been eyeing, you may need to book even farther out. Regardless, the influx in business is very welcomed news for the industry as a whole.

“We just have brides coming from everywhere. The phone never stops ringing. That’s a good thing,” Readus said.

Schoettlin said as opposed to the days before the pandemic when people took their time picking the perfect wedding date, people are now picking just about any open date they can get. His advice to those looking to get married in 2022: book now.

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