5 Beached whales released back into the ocean after being rescued


FLORIDA – (CBS) UPDATE: 08/01/19 – Wildlife crews and volunteers have released 5 beached whales who were rescued back into the ocean.

When the whales appeared close to shore in Pinellas, Florida, beachgoers, wildlife officials and volunteers all came together to help.

WATCH: 5 beached whales being released back into the ocean

PINELLAS, Fla. (CBS) – We are following breaking news of whales being rescued. According to the Pinellas County deputies, they are working with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to help five whales on Redington Beach.

Deputies say the five distressed whales appear to have beached themselves.
The sheriff’s office and the aquarium have set up tents in the water to cover the whales while aquarium staff and Fish and Wildlife crews help the whales.
WATCH: Officials help rescue five distressed whales in Florida.

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