FITNESS FRIDAY: Resetting your body after holiday eating

October 02 2021 06:00 pm

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – So you enjoyed your Fourth of July holiday. You ate barbecue, sweets and maybe even had a few drinks. So now it is time to detox, reset your body and get back on track.

In this week’s Fitness Friday, Personal Trainer, Peggy Keebler of PK Fitness LLC, and CBS 42 Jessalyn Adams show you how important it is to detox and reset your body after holiday eating.

First and foremost, if at all possible do not eat the same massive barbecue plate that you did on the holiday. If you want to enjoy leftovers do so in moderation. Try a smaller plate to help you enjoy a smaller consumption of calories. The day after should be about less consumption of the holiday food and more of the right healthy foods to get your body back on track.

So now that you have that last leftover plate out of your system.. Time to get to it…

Water, water, water! Flush, Flush Flush! Water is going to be the key ingredient for cleaning out the bad toxins and fatty foods that you enjoyed on the holiday.

Also, the day after eating good on a holiday is also a good day to start a 21-day Challenge of resetting your body and eating. Personal Trainer, Peggy Keebler says like with anything you do for 21 days or more it becomes a habit. So today is the day to start a new one.

The After Holiday 21-day Challenge is all about getting you in a habit of starting a better and new fitness lifestyle. The Challenge includes exercises that really get your blood pumping and heart rate jumping.

Fitness movements, like squats, push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks, skaters, Superman, stomach crunches, bicycles, just to name a few, are all included in the After Holiday 21-day Challenge.

Remember the goal is to get you in the habit of a better fitness routine that could help build a better healthy fitness lifestyle. And also it’s about detoxing and resetting your body.

So check it out! Take notes. Start your 21-Day Challenge today! Detox and reset your body after that holiday eating!

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