Fans prepare to pay respects to Mother Angelica


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42) — Mother Angelica touched so many lives through her broadcasts. Her funeral on Friday will be broadcast live around the world, but many have already said they’re coming in person.

EWTN has special programming already starting to air on the network, and there are memorial masses planned for each morning leading up to the funeral mass at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville. The network says seating in the shrine is limited — but there will be seating outside.

Mother Angelica’s funeral mass will allow for those who will gather outside the shrine to be part of the ceremony.

“At the end of the funeral mass, Mother’s body will be taken in funeral procession out of the church and out through the piazza before it’s brought back in to the crypt church for its final internment,” said EWTN CEO Michael P. Warsaw.

“That will give people in the piazza the opportunity, at least, to participate in that final tribute to Mother Angelica,” Warsaw said.

In one day — the messages and stories about Mother Angelica are pouring out across the world. A broadcasting legend in her own right, Mother Angelica touched the lives of so many. Now, those stories are being shared.

Warsaw says they are getting inundated with messages on social media about Mother Angelica. The 92-year-old nun died on Sunday after suffering the after-effects of stroke.

The network she built out of a garage in Irondale is now the largest religious broadcast network in the world. People from all over are already saying they want to come to Alabama to say goodbye.

The funeral mass for Mother Angelica is set for 11 am Friday. It will be broadcast on her network EWTN.

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