(CBS) SAN DIEGO, CA – The family of Rebecca Zahau is expected to announce new information regarding the 2011 case and a substantial reward for information leading to the arrest of the man found liable for her death.

Back on July 13, 2011, in San Diego authorities say Adam Shacknai called 911 to report the discovery of Rebeccas Zahau’s nude body hanging from a balcony at the Spreckels Mansion in Coronado.

Investigators found her body on the ground with her hands and feet bound with red rope. The same red rope was discovered hanging over the balcony.
Shacknai was staying at the mansion that was owned by his brother, pharmaceutical CEO Jonah Shacknai.

At the time, Zahau was Jonah Shacknai’s girlfriend. Two days before her death, she had been babysitting her boyfriend’s 6-year-old son Max when he suffered serious injuries in a fall down a staircase at the home. The boy died from his injuries five days later.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s and Medical Examiner’s office ruled Zahau’s death a suicide. Authorities have suggested she took her own life out of remorse and sorrow over the boy’s injuries.

The Zahau family rejected the suicide conclusion and for many years, they believed she was murdered by Adam Shacknai. The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against him in 2013.

WATCH: Zahau Family attorney Keith Greer release, a new expert review of Adam Shacknai’s polygraph exam will be released Zahau’s sister issued a statement.

The family is asking for a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Adam Shacknai. Authorities say he has been found civilly, by a civil jury to be the one who murdered Rebecca Zahau but he has not been found criminally guilty. That is not a criminal conviction that puts him in jail.

The attorney and family of Rebecca Zahau are asking anyone with information that heard or saw anything around the time of the murder incident to call 1-800-366-8529.