BREMEN, Ala. (WIAT) — Life has been difficult for Tobbie Stover since her son, Eric Cates, was found dead in a burned out pickup truck March 21st.

Stover and the rest of Cates’ family have done their best to cope while helping the Walker County Sheriff’s Department with their investigation. No one has come forward with enough information to crack the case and fully explain what happened to Cates and his dog, Gypsy.

The family received Eric’s remains this week and will be holding a funeral for him Saturday. The state of Alabama had Eric’s remains for testing since he was discovered behind the old Empire School.

Stover says holding a funeral for Eric will bring the ability to move on to the next stage of healing. Eric’s father, Wayune Cates, added that burying his son will allow the family to have a place to grieve, pray and talk.

Walker County Sheriff Jim Underwood says interviews have been going on since Cates was discovered. He feels like they may have just received some important information that could help them finally solve the case.

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