Family members use tracking apps during mass shooting


ALABAMA (WIAT) — During the California bar shooting, there were reports of family members finding their loved ones at the bar through tracking apps. 

Location sharing apps have become popular for parents and children. 

Some parents say the popular apps like Find my friends, Life 360, and Find my iPhone put them at ease.

“It makes me feel safe knowing where they are. I can always tell where they are anytime of the day. When I pick them up, I can know their location,” said Will Devening, a parent. 

In last night’s deadly bar shooting in California, some reports say parents were looking for their missing child through these apps and found them still in the bar.

“It could be important with the times these days and thing going on in the word. It would be helpful to know they’re safe or where they are at with situations going on theses days,” said Jeff Jones, a parent. 

“That would be tragic to see your kid is still in a bar after it happened but the ones that saw it and saw there kid was out must have been a relief,” said Devening. 

Blount county district attorney Pamela Casey said these apps can be good and bad.

“They can be dangerous at times because children will add people they don’t know on these apps and those apps are location finds and allow people to see your location. If it’s a perpetrator they can easily come to the home of a child,” said Casey. 

She warns people about sharing location through Snapchat since that is public, but apps that are more secure can be a good option for kids and parents. 

“That has to be devastating for a parent but some what maybe put their minds at ease to know where they are because there could be hours go by where they don’t know where they are,” said Casey. 

Casey said parents will have a hard time convincing their kids in college or older to allow the tracking apps, so its suggested to have your child share a location with their friend.

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