Families see their Mexico Beach homes for the first time

mexico beach drone shot_1539813445540.jpg-842137442.jpg

MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WKRG)-  It’s been one week since Hurricane Michael hit.

But Wednesday, many beach homeowners are learning just how bad the damage is. 

As News 5 rolled on Highway 98, the main road which runs through Mexico Beach, we saw a family staring at a pile of debris. 

“It’s our house. It’s heartbreaking and it’s sickening,” said Shelly Breedlove. 

“It’s alright, no crying,” her husband David told her. 

It’s the family’s first look at their Mexico Beach home, which has been reduced to rubble, about a quarter of a mile from the lot it’s supposed to sit on. 

“To see the home we had for so long in rubble, there really isn’t words. It’s overwhelming and sad.”

One of the things the family says they needed to find is their daughter’s swing. “The first big toy we bought for our daughter when we bought the place was her swing.”

Sitting front and center in the debris when they arrived Wednesday, was that swing. “She was about two or three when we bought the place. That swing has been with her ever since. And she’s ten now.”

As tough as it may be, the Breedlove’s say they’re being positive.  “We are going to come back just like the phoenix. We are going to come back and we’re going to be beautiful and we’re going to be strong again. Mexico Beach is going to be good again. It’s going to be alive again and it’s going to be beautiful again.”

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