MOUNDVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) – The families of two people killed in a Hale County boating accident four years ago say they are still waiting for justice.

Tami Canant is the mother of 23-year-old Destiny Graben, one of the victims of the incident.

“Destiny had a huge heart, she was very strong-willed and determined. At 22, she bought her own house by herself and she was a huge animal lover,” Graden said. “She worked for a veterinarian, she was beautiful and we spent lots of time together and I love and miss her.”

On July 4 of 2018, 23-year-old Destiny Graben and 47-year-old Richard Glover were killed while riding on separate boats on the Black Warrior River in Moundville.

Police tell CBS 42 defendant 33-year-old Ricky Latham was drunk when the boat he was driving collided with another boat, causing the deaths of the two victims. Latham was charged with reckless murder.

Tami Canant says she becomes emotional when she thinks about her daughter’s death.

“Latham crossed the river on the wrong side of the river and hit the bass boat and ran over [its back] which killed Mr. Glover and knocked the motor off causing their boat to flip,” Canant said. “They were in a ski boat, and it threw Destiny and broke her neck immediately.”

Canant says it’s been frustrating waiting four long years and Ricky Latham has not gone to trial yet.

“We get a case date or we don’t get a case date or have to call to find out and it pulls up all the emotions again,” Canant said. “But every time something comes up there’s another delay and another delay. It’s painful every time.”

Hale County District Attorney Michael Jackson says his office has been disappointed with judges pushing the trial back and delaying it several times.

“Unfortunately we’ve had lots of cases that have been continued over the years. Continuances are being asked for and being granted by the judges and that’s unfortunate, but we are trying to get justice as fast as we can for victims,” District Attorney Jackson said.

A trial date for Ricky Latham was scheduled for July 25th but was delayed. No new trial date has been set.