JEMISON, Ala. (WIAT) — COVID-19 has created staffing shortages at Jemison Intermediate School this week.

Currently, 12 are under quarantine; three staff members have tested positive for the virus.

Superintendent of Chilton County Schools Jason Griffin says there is no outbreak at the school. Griffin says they are making plenty of adjustments to ensure schools can stay open.

“Fingers crossed that we don’t have more quarantined or more become infected. But, if we do, we will adjust and move ahead accordingly,” Griffin said.

Some teachers, staff members, even the principal DJ Nix sat in classrooms with students today while they did school work.

“Every child is being supervised and they are receiving academic instruction and we are making sure they’re safe. But, we are short staffed and we will continue to deal with those problems it looks like,” Griffin said.

Griffin believes students need in-person learning. He has no problem with remote learning, but internet access could be an issue for a lot of families in the area.

“In Chilton County, most of our folks….it would be a burden on them if we went online so we decided to make an effort to keep schools open,” Griffin said.

The school posted on Facebook about the situation, assuring parents they are taking this seriously and have control of the situation.

“In my opinion, it’s always better to let them know what’s going on before hand so they know to have a plan. And not just hit them in the face when it happens,” Griffin said.

Principal Nix was appreciative of parents being patient and understanding during this time, which is why Griffin is confident in his staff and everything will work out.

“Our teachers and our and staff have just done an overwhelming job covering for folks. So, we hope to keep moving forward,” Griffin said.

Griffin says some teachers and staff in quarantine are expected to return later in the week, but some won’t return til after Christmas Break.

After posting about the situation, Griffin says multiple people have reached out about substitute teaching in the county.

If interested, Griffin says people can apply here.