ALTOONA, Ala. (WIAT) — Kathy Loftin couldn’t hide her emotions as she talked about Reba.

The 16-year-old dog, which Loftin said is mostly deaf and blind, has been missing since June 1 when a contractor left Loftin’s door open and Reba got out. She said she’s tried everything — she’s put up signs, hiked the mountain she lives on, and even hired blood hounds to help in her search. So far, she’s gotten nowhere. Now Loftin’s offering a $5,000 reward — no questions asked — to anyone who can bring Reba home.

Reba has been missing since June 1 (Courtesy of Kathy Loftin)

For years, Reba’s been Kathy Loftin’s best friend. Loftin rescued Reba as a month-old old puppy, hoping that she’d provide some companionship for her beagle. She calls Reba her “diva.”

“She’s been such a joy and a best friend to me,” Loftin said. “The not knowing is just horrible.”

Loftin and her husband just moved to Alabama from Georgia. She said they came here “to be in the middle of nowhere.” Now, though, she said she feels like she knows every neighbor for miles.

“We’ve gone down every road. We’ve put flyers out,” she said. “Everybody here knows who we are now.”

She said her other dog, Skeetie, hasn’t been the same since Reba left. Before Reba left, Skeetie never really wanted to stray far from home. Reba, even at her slow, arthritic pace, was more of the explorer. Kathy would put Skeetie up and she and Reba would keep going.

Now, Skeetie wants to keep going, pulling Kathy further down the road than he’s ever gone before. She said he wants to find Reba.

“He just keeps going and going,” she said.

She said she decided to offer the $5,000 reward for one simple reason.

“I want her back,” she said. “Money can be replaced. My dog can’t. I would do anything for that dog.”

Kathy asks that anyone with information contact her at (770) 686-0885 or (706) 870-4255. Reba was last seen on June 1 on Mountainview Church Road in Altoona.