TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) – EMA officials want to make sure you do not get complacent with warnings.

Weather fatigue is weighing down on EMA officials in Tuscaloosa County after pattern of mid-week storms. Regardless of the warning, the EMA office wants to make sure you take every single warning seriously.

“For me especially and those who were here on April 27, 2011, we don’t take those warnings and watches lightly,” Tuscaloosa County EMA Deputy Director Tamara Croom said. “We’re just trying to make sure people aren’t getting complacent with the severe weather alerts that are going out because we are facing five weeks straight of severe weather.”

April 27th keeps Croom on guard each time there’s a threat for severe weather. Now five weeks in a row, mid-week, leaving damage behind, and this time there’s a more elevated risk she said because the storm is happening overnight.

“The one time that you’re not prepared is when you need to be prepared,” Croom said. “We can’t get lazy when it comes to being prepared for any kind of severe weather.”

Croom said to make sure your weather radio is charged and that you are signed up for Tusc Alerts – which will give you a courtesy phone call just in case. She also says it’s important that you take pictures of damage to your home or business and report them on the county EMA website.