Educators and parents react to Common Core repeal proposal


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala (WIAT) — The fate of Alabama education is in hands of state legislatures. 

Sen. Del Marsh is proposing Common Core education curriculum to be removed in Alabama schools.

Common Core education is a set of standards for math and english classes in Alabama public schools. 

“In math it was a lot of memorization. Now its undetrsanding the concept behind the math concept so i think its a good thing and teachers do too,” Marrianne Hayward, president of Jefferson County American Federation of Teachers, said.

Some parents said they don’t like common core because it forces all kids to learn the same way. 

“I think common core outpaces kids that are not ready for certain subjects and I think it leaves kids behind that can go on ahead,” Kimberley Aids, a Jefferson county school parent, said. “I think it tried to middle road everything.”

Sen. Marsh is bringing a bill that would get rid of common core and said, “after 10 years, the state of alabama is 49th in math and 46th in reading. We can’t keep going in that direction.”

For the American Federation of Teachers, they said this is not the right way to improve education. 

“I’m worried we’re going backwards. I’m worried that we’re going back to standards that we moved past. I’m worried we will do away with advanced placement, career tech, the ACT, and I think all of that is very dangerous,” Hayward said. 

Parents said they feel the Common Core curriculum isn’t helping and maybe a new one will.

“You want whats best for your kid and if your kid cant get what’s best for them in the school then why are they in the schools,” Aids said. 

For educators, they think this could only hurt more. 

“Our kids are taking college entrance exams which are national exams tied to national standards and if we’re not going to participate in any national standards then we are handicapping our students,” Hayward said. 

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