Carol and Jamie Creekmore have made it into the final four that will continue to compete for the $10,000 dollar grand prize.   

We have a long 11 months until next Christmas. In years past, this is the time of year that team Creekmore felt a financial hangover.

“In years past we had used credit cards to cover Christmas. And the months after Christmas didn’t feel very Christmassy,” Carol said. “This year we put a certain amount of money back every month into a savings account that was labeled Christmas/travel expenses.”

“This year we were able to come out of Christmas time not owning anything,” Jamie said.

Even before the race, the Creekmores told us that Christmas was very important to their family and they wanted to be in a place where they could be comfortable spending during the festive holiday season. They show us that you can still have fun with your family even when you are working on improving your finances.

“We were able to do Christmas this year and the family was actually able to go to Gatlinburg. We spent a few days in Gatlinburg and entertained ourselves without debt,” said Jamie.

With a successful Christmas season under their belts, the Creekmores are focused on making even more financial progress.   

Today’s eCO Takeaway Tip could help your family prepare for a stress-free holiday next year.  

Did Christmas expenses overwhelm you and your budget this year? Take advantage of eCO’s Christmas Club Account, a savings account designed to help you save for Christmas. Divide the amount you need to save to be prepared for the holidays by twelve and set aside that amount each month. You will earn interest and be prepared to take care of everyone on your list.

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