Carol and Jamie Creekmore have made it a top priority to teach their two boys, Daniel and Joseph, how to handle their finances during the eCO Savings Race.
“We want them to do better than we’ve done,” Carol said.
Daniel, their eldest son, is currently in college. His parents tell us that he is already making smart money decisions.
“We’ve had talks with Daniel about compounding interest, and savings accounts, and I’m watching him choose where he shops and watch him price compare,” Caro saidl.
Their youngest son, Joseph, has envelopes for giving, saving and spending. Carol has found that he prefers to save money for large electronic purchases.  
“(Joseph) got an allowance for the first time when we started eCO Savings Race. We never felt like we could promise that to him before, but now that we’re naming where every dollar goes, we can do that for him,” Carol said.
“We were blessed with two boys who are out of this world. I have enjoyed watching them be able to get a little grip on their money. I think they’re going learn how to make money go the way it needs to go and not let money rule you, that you rule your money,” said Jamie.
eCO Takeaway Tip
It’s never too early for kids to learn money management principles. Help your kids give a name to every dollar and set priorities. Do this by setting up  give, save, and spend envelopes. Need a place to keep the save funds? eCO has kids and teen accounts that earn 2% interest on the first $1,000 in the account! 
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